A consultation with a specialist may be a daunting prospect for some patients and Mr Miranda has provided this page to help you before your consultation.

Mr Miranda says,

“A consultation is an appointment to assess the problem that you have with your hand and upper limb. As you have arrived at this website, I would assume that you are used to searching the Internet. A lot of helpful information can be obtained from the Internet if the website is provided by a high-quality and reliable organisation or individual. However, no matter how good a website is, it does not substitute for a high quality consultation.”

At the consultation Mr Miranda will ask you about the problem you are experiencing with all its details to enable him to make a diagnosis (or two!). He will also ask you about you health otherwise and it is advisable to bring a list of your current medication as this is occasionally not in your GP letter.

Depending on the nature of the problem this can be a very rapid process. If it is a more complex problem, then Mr Miranda may need to see you again. He may also request additional investigations such as x-rays, scans and nerve studies.

Usually x-rays can be performed on the same day as your consultation and the result also given to you on the same day.

If a scan such as MRI or CT is required this will usually happen on another day and you will return to see Mr Miranda with the results. Once you have had your scan, Mr Miranda would normally advise you to telephone his secretary so a follow-up appointment can be organised.

What about treatment?

Occasionally, your condition may be able to be treated simply at the Consultation with a splint or injection. The thought of an injection is frequently worrisome to many patients.

Mr Miranda says,

“I understand that many patients are frightened by the thought of an injection. I’d like to reassure you that I have been trained well and have the experience to provide most injections with as little discomfort as possible. The usual comment from most patients after an injection is that it was not as bad as they initially thought it would be.”

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