My hand after an operation

What to expect after the operation to your hand will be explained by Mr Miranda at your consultation when you are scheduled for surgery. 

Your hand or arm may be in bandages, small dressings or a plaster cast. In most cases Mr Miranda aims to leave as much function preserved in your hand and upper limb while your are recovering from an operation. He will explain this also before your operation. 


Pain after an operation is often a concern for many patients. Please don’t be worried about this as in many cases local anaesthetic or a regional block is given so you will have very little or no pain after the operation. Once the anaesthetic begins to wear off, you will also have painkilling tablets prescribed to you. It is important to take these painkillers as soon as you begin to feel the anaesthetic wearing off. You will probably need these for a few days but it would depend on the pain you are experiencing. 

In the majority of cases Mr Miranda will combine appointments to see him, a nurse in the dressing clinic and also a Physiotherapist/ Hand Therapist all at the same visit. This is usually within 7 to 14 days after your operation, but you will be informed before you leave the hospital after your operation. 

Early rehabilitation will be carried out by Hand Therapists fairly soon after you operation. Mr Miranda believes that in getting your hand to function early is an excellent way of speeding up your recovery and getting a good result after surgery. For some time after your operation you may need splints for your hand or forearm.