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Emailed testimonials

Mr. Miranda performed an operation on my left hand on which a MRI scan had shown a foreign body rubbing on the tendons, causing problems with the ability to move my fingers without numbness and pain.

As a musician, obviously this was a very worrying development but the care and attention shown by Mr. Miranda and the staff at the Nuffield Hospital during and after the operation, including the aftercare and physiotherapy was totally professional and I found the staff very skillful, and both very helpful and friendly.

The recovery period went exactly as forecast and I was able to go back to work within the time frame that Mr. Miranda had predicted. I was seen by Mr. Miranda at intervals after the operation, who put me at ease by checking the wound to make sure everything was healing as expected and also monitored the movement in my hand and fingers to make sure all was well with the healing process.

 I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Miranda and his staff to anyone with similar problems to mine.