What is Hand Surgery?

Our hands serve many functions. Hands are used in work which may be from very light work to heavy manual work. Hands are also used for recreation from painting to playing golf or a musical instrument. Our hands, like the face, also are an expression of ourselves and to many are important from the point of view of appearance.

To accomplish these tasks and activities, our hands require sensation and movement. The movement requires intact nerve function; muscle contraction within the hand or forearm; tendon gliding and smooth joint movement.

The nerves originate from the spinal cord within the neck. The tendons influencing hand movement originate form the elbow and forearm. There are 19 joints and 19 bones in the hand. The wrist is a complex joint between the hand and the forearm and has 8 bones and multiple joints between these bones.

When a problem occurs in the hand, assessment and treatment of all these structures is required. Hand Surgeons are specifically trained to give that treatment.

The treatment does not always mean an operation. Many non-surgical treatments are used such as splints, supports, injections, Hand Therapy.  If you do require an operation for a Hand Condition, Mr Miranda will explain the operation and the expected outcome and aftercare required. This website also has a lot of information that will be of use to you before and after you operation.

Many Hand & Upper Limb conditions can be operated upon as a Daycase, which means you do not have to stay in hospital after you operation. Local or Regional Anaesthesia is often used for the operation which means that you do not have to go to sleep (General Anaesthesia). You can find more information in the section on Anaesthesia for Hand Surgery.

After the operation your recovery will be guided by regular follow-up with Mr Miranda, dressing changes with Outpatient Nurses and Hand Therapy.

We wish you all the best if you do have a problem with your Hand & Upper Limb. Remember that there is no substitute for a consultation with an expert Hand Surgeon to diagnose and treat you condition.