Sanjay Miranda will provide both non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment for virtually any hand condition. One is not necessarily better than the other. The best treatment is the one that is most appropriate for your hand & upper limb condition given your circumstances and your needs.  

At your Consultation,  Mr Miranda will discuss with you the risks, benefits, disadvantages and treatment options in detail. Together you will decide the best treatment. 

Non-surgical treatment 

Non-surgical treatment includes splints, supports, exercises, activity modification, medications, injections, rehabilitation techniques. Many of these non-surgical treatments are supervised by the Hand Therapists working with Mr Miranda. 


Also, not forgetting, that in some cases simply information & advice about the condition is all that is required and no specific treatment is necessary.

Surgical treatment

Of course as a Surgeon,  Sanjay Miranda can perform a wide range of surgical treatments for common hand & upper limb conditions.



Surgical treatments broadly are :-

  • Release of nerve, tendons, muscle, skin and joints
  • Repair of injured structures
  • Arthritic joints treated by removal, fusion, joint replacement
  • Arthroscopic surgery, or otherwise known as keyhole surgery
  • Fracture fixation with pins, screws, plates, wires or frames
  • Reconstruction of injured ligaments
  • Corrective osteotomy (bone cutting and resetting) of fractures that have healed in a poor position
  • Removal of swellings and abnormal tissue
  • Restoration of function to upper limbs when injured by spinal cord injury or nerve injury and many other treatments.